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I actually found the BSB to be the easiest boss so far because the arena had more room for me to maneuver and using the fire paper did tons of damage to it; which reminds me of the Umi-Bozu from Nioh that's also extremely weak to fire (easily the worst boss fight of that game, though). I actually don't mind having tough bosses early on. For example, bosses like Murai and Cerberus gave me a lot of trouble on my first time through NGB and DMC3, respectively, but they felt more finely tuned to really test you to see if you had the basics down. Shitty arena aside, I actually like the first phase of the Gascoigne fight. It's kind of cool since he's another Hunter with very similar abilities to your character (sort of like this game's version of Dante vs. Vergil). However his second phase has him go in a frenzy, constantly charging you down in his beast form and barely leaving you any opening to attack. I can't tell you how many times I died due to getting stuck in one place and unable to dodge away because some random piece of geometry was in my way.
I absolutely hate the early bosses in Bloodborne and it's easily one of my favorite games of all time. Blood Starved Beast & Vicar Amelia can fuck off into space forever; meanwhile, Cleric Beast - though easy - is quite badly designed, and Father Gascoigne is way too hard for how early in the game you fight him. Thankfully, some of the later bosses are amazing. Martyr Logarius & Shadows of Yharnam are fantastic and I personally loved the gimmicks of Micolash & Witches of Hemwick. The DLC bosses Ludwig, Orphan of Kos, and Lady Maria are IMO the best in the game and even the entire Souls franchise.
Anime / Re: My Hero Academia
« Last post by Dr. Ensatsu-ken on Today at 12:02:08 PM »
Mother's Basement did another video involving MHA (and OPM) about the increasing popularity of Superhero anime:

I do agree with him more on this one than in the last video he did about MHA, and I've generally noticed this for a long time now, in that MHA and OPM are clearly both paying tribute to and satirizing Western style super heroes, but through the perspective of Japanese society and story-telling conventions.

Both series present a uniquely Japanese outlook on superheroes in that in their respective worlds, like all other things, being a pro hero is a career choice rather than something one does for the sake of it. In MHA's case I feel as though the point us for people like All Might and Deku to show everyone what the true essence of being a hero is. Whereas with OPM, the Hero Association is no different from any other corporate BS in which you have to make your way up a hierarchy yet will ultimately be no happier for your achievements. And in Saitama's case he already is the best which actually makes climbing the hero association even less appealing to him since there is no challenge (and thus no real meaning) to any of it. Yet the few brief moments in his life in which he genually dies experience happiness is when he's doing things completely unrelated to the Hero Association with people who are his friends.

I'm either case, the characters are clearly inspired by American superheroes, but they are placed in the setting of societies with distinctly Japanese mentalities.

Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid #9: "Her Problem” - 7
Urusei Yatsura #44: "After You've Gone" - 11
Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid #13: "The Continuing Day By Day” - 12

"The Continuing Day By Day" moves on to round 4! The next match will be up shortly.
Cartoon Network / Re: Toonami
« Last post by Peanutbutter on Today at 02:14:50 AM »
I remember some cringey random pop culture references in Lupin's first run, but I don't think the original version would have done more than maybe a tad better.
Anime / Re: Upcoming Anime
« Last post by Spark Of Spirit on Today at 12:18:54 AM »
New Captain Tylor shorts are coming.

Unfortunately, the art style is quite awful, and none of the characters in the original are set to appear.

I just finished the Tylor OVAs today, and now I'm kind of frustrated that this appears to be some cheap reboot rather than a sequel.  I guess we'll never get closure to that (somewhat) cliffhanger ending.  :imnothappy:
Unless they bring over the novels, I don't see it happening.

Which is unfortunate, as it was quite a unique and funny series.
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« Last post by VLordGTZ on June 23, 2017, 11:06:17 PM »
Same as Spark
Just defeated the Blood Starved Beast in Bloodborne. This was a pretty simple boss fight once you got the pattern down. I wore Father Gascoigne's Hunter uniform in order to drastically raise my resistance to poison, which helped to make that aspect of the fight less overbearing and cumbersome. That said, I didn't like how in the last phase of the fight you ended up becoming poisoned just by being near the boss. The only way around that is to get some distance and spam molotovs for the remainder of the fight, but I didn't have that many left so I just had to finish the fight normally.

Overall I'm loving the game so far, and I'm sure that I'll continue to love it, but the boss fights are definitely the one weakness, IMO. They aren't bad in and of themselves, but rather they give you pretty crappy environments to fight them in. You fight the Cleric Beast on a narrow bridge with wagons and other obstacles in the way, whereas the boss itself is a large creature that takes up most of the width of the bridge and uses large sweeping attacks. Yes, I know how to utilize i-frames to phase through attacks when I dodge, but it doesn't help when I inevitably get snagged in a corner or on some piece of geometry. Father Gascoigne was even worse with all of the tombstones in the way (though I'm ok with the trees since you could use those for cover from his gun). The fact that enemy attacks can clip through geometry doesn't help either. The BSB fight was better in that you generally had more open space to fight it in, but even then you had to stay in the center of the space between the pillars, and it could be annoying waiting for the boss to approach you where you stood if it was behind one of those pillars (and trying to go to fight it in an enclosed space would lead to the same problems as with the previous two fights). I'm sure some people would defend this by saying that this was an intentional way of increasing the challenge, which it is, but I'm saying that it's not a good way of doing it. Games like Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, Nioh, and so on have boss fights take place in more open arenas giving you more space to maneuver, yet still could design interesting and challenging boss fight encounters where all you had to worry about and focus on was the boss itself. With Bloodborne I feel as though the enclosed environments can be more distracting than anything else when it comes to these encounters. On the one hand it's more challenging, but unlike the rest if the gane it's also less fun.

And again, I do love the game overall so far, but this one issue makes me dread the boss fights, and not in the good way.
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