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But Whedon's deal with recent politics is still weird, because Angel had a villain who was a clear Hillary analogue.
I think a lot of people who were critical of the Clintons in the past became #WithHer during the last election over some weird commitment to party unity or just because they hated Trump that much. Still, to pivot from disliking them to donating over half-a-million dollars to her campaign is... extreme.

I know that Baldwin has alienated some of the cast, Morena Baccarin in particular, so I'm not sure if he'll be wanted back.

But I mean, a Firefly without Wash and Book will be weird enough. Getting rid of Jayne as well would feel even more quiet.
As much fun as it can be, social media has done a lot to destroy friendships and the general public's opinions on many of their heroes. Between Whedon's and Baldwin's bizarre tweets, James Woods trying to sue a dead guy for insulting him, and Dan Harmon bullying a teenager over the mildest of criticism, shit can be real poisonous to both the creative process and people's appreciation of it.

And a Firefly without Wash would be so much less fun, never mind Book and Jayne (though they would, of course, be missed as well).

Honestly, I'm surprised Whedon hasn't gotten into the Netflix game yet and made a show there. A decade ago, he was looking ahead to internet-only shows with Dr. Horrible.
It's been a surprisingly long time since he helmed a TV series, hasn't it? (AOS doesn't count.)

I don't want this to get more off-topic than it already is, but I don't think its social media that's the cause. Its because of how much more toxic politics have gotten. Really, its the mass media's fault. CNN, Fox News, etc., all the mainstream networks turned people against each other which wasn't helped by the climate of hysteria in the previous decade.

If anything, I wish social media existed seven years sooner.