Author Topic: What Are You Currently Playing? 6.65: Neighbor of the Beast  (Read 63075 times)


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Re: What Are You Currently Playing? 6.65: Neighbor of the Beast
« Reply #1755 on: December 06, 2017, 04:12:41 PM »
So my brother-in-law is coming to town in about 2 weeks so all other games don't exist to me right now unless DMC5 gets announced. That being said, it's Street Fighter time. This time we'll probably bounced between 3rd Strike and USF4, but probably end up focusing more on 3rd Strike. I'll probably talk him into USF4, but at the same time I'm also gonna get some SF5 playtime as well (probably do ranked or battle lounge)
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Re: What Are You Currently Playing? 6.65: Neighbor of the Beast
« Reply #1756 on: December 06, 2017, 09:18:11 PM »
I defeated Martyr Logarius and met Queen Annalise in Bloodborne. Literally the only thing that I dislike about Caihurst as a level is the run back to the boss. I think I actually spent more time running back to fight him than on the actual fight itself. It's a shame too because the boss himself is interesting, but having a two-to-three minute obstacle course standing in my way to get back to him makes it a lot more frustrating than it needs to be to fight him on subsequent attempts.

The boss himself is quite interesting. Any boss that emphasizes good parry skills is worth fighting in my eyes. That said I actually found his first phase to be the hardest to deal with by my play-style. He loves to spam arcane attacks which are easy enough to avoid if you keep a relative distance from him and only chip away at his health with one or two hits at a time when he leaves himself open to attack for a brief window of time. However, that requires a degree of patience that I iust don't have, and thus I often went in to attack him with wreckless abandon in order to get him to the next phase and ended up taking a lot more damage than I needed to. The rest of the fight is pretty fun, though, once you get decent with timing your parries against him. My only gripe here is when he sometimes starts spamming his summoned swords to attack you. Taking out the sword that he stabs into the ground can be annoying at times when the lock-on is acting finicky and keeps targeting him instead of the sword.

Overall, though, that one gripe aside, Cainhurst is my favorite level in the game up to this point. In case you're curious, The Forbidden Woods is my least favorite so far. Too long and drab for my tastes. I do like the boss fight, though, which is another one that emphasizes parrying.