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The Twisted Whiskers Show
« on: August 31, 2017, 08:53:21 AM »
Who here remembers this show from when it aired on The Hub? It was the first show to air on The Hub and it aired (reruns included) (with a break from January - June 2013) until March 2014, 7 months before The Hub went defunct.

The show honestly reminded me of Looney Tunes. In fact, when I was watching it years ago, I thought of it as the CGI Looney Tunes. I personally had a lot of fun with it. I wouldn't say it was that great of a show, but I liked the characters and humor. The only thing I didn't like though was the theme song, as it got annoying after a while with all the meows. Also, the voice and one of the creators of Eek! The Cat, Bill Kopp was in the show. He was the director of the show and a writer for it. He also voiced Mister Mewser. The show also had an art style that did look like if Eek! The Cat was in CGI, especially the shark dog who looked like Sharky the Shark Dog. Bill Kopp also did the awful Shnookums and Meat cartoon, Toonsylvania, and Mad Jack the Pirate (the latter two were also Fox Kids shows) This really felt like a Fox Kids show that just happened to air in 2010. In fact, The Hub kind of felt like a revived Fox Kids with an emphasis on Hasbro shows. I haven't seen it in a while, but thankfully you can see episodes of it on the site, Toonova and iTunes. It used to be on Hulu and Netflix, but the contract expired.  Overall, I thought it was a fun show that reminded me of the classic cartoons.