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The League of Super Evil
« on: December 27, 2010, 08:28:31 PM »
Having to reboot this topic, again. :P

Here's another cartoon series that no one brought up, The League of Super Evil!

The League of Super Evil is really a comedic 3D CGI animated Canadian cartoon series about a crack team of supervillians who want to be the most evil supervillian on their neighborhood block, if not the world! This series was done by Nerd Corps Entertainment, the same guys behind Storm Hawks and Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5.

The League of Super Evil themselves:
Great Voltar- The diminutive leader of the League of Super Evil, his evil plans end up helping others in nice ways.
Doktor Frogg- L.O.S.E.'s own mad scientist and skilled inventor. He also has a fear of clowns.
Red Menace- Hence his large size and brawn, he's not really as evil compared to the rest of the L.O.S.E. crew. He happens to be the nicest guy the team, and also like kids' stuff.
Doomageddon- Voltar's nefarious pet who also has a grudge with Doktor Frogg. The most evil member of L.O.S.E., more evil than Voltar is.