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Re: Who the Devil Are You?
« Reply #75 on: July 20, 2016, 04:52:37 PM »
I feel like this one requires a bump, and an update.

1) First name : My

2) Last name : Mom

3) Gender (M/F) : M

4) Age : 24

5) State : FL

6) City : Orlando

7) Occupation : Student

8) Hobbies : Existing

9) Religious (yes / no) : No

10) Single / girlfriend-boyfriend / married : Girlfriend

11) Fav subject at school / university : I'm a film major, so I generally enjoy my classes...

12) Most hated subject at school / university : ...unless the professor has no passion or treats their class like a high school classroom. No fun.

13) Fav Comic Book : I'm still collecting every first volume Avengers issue to this day

14) Fav Comic Book Villain : Magneto

15) Fav Comic Book Hero : Silver Surfer

16) Computers ( not so good / good / expert ) : Adequate, not my strong suit

17) Favorite computer/video game : I go back to Star Fox 64 and Sonic 1-3 the most, so likely those

18) Other forums / websites you visit often : I still check tz and UltimateDisney/DVDizzy, but this is still my #1 forum by far. I'm also on FB and rarely Twitter. I'm currently locked out of my tumblr outside of mobiel, though, and I'm waiting for the motivation to make a new account so I can still have access to my CN blog.

19) Fav song :

20) Fav music album : Honestly? It's insane how many times I've listened to The Book of Souls since it came out

21) Favorite singer : Bruce Dickinson

22) Fav band : Yeah, this hasn't changed

23) Live concerts you've been to : Geez, let's see. Iron Maiden (x2), Demi Lovato (x2, as well as opener Cher Lloyd), Torche (x2) as opener for Clutch (+Lionize) and Failure/Hum (although I had to bail on the Failure set for certain reasons), The Rolling Stones/opening band I forgot, Extreme, At the Gates/Harm's Way/some other band I forget, High on Fire/Crowbar/Gillian Carter/other, Refused/The Coat Hangers/other, Ghost/Purson, The Joy Formidable, Napalm Death/Melvins/Melt Banana. I'm seeing Sleep next week (for a one-off Pulse benefit gig), as well as possibly Baroness and Pallbearer and Marduk/Rotting Christ/Carach Angren/Necromonicon in September, and maybe Ghost in October. And if all goes well for Joe Perry and they come anywhere near me, I will see Aerosmith's farewell tour.

24) Fav line / verse in a song:

25) Members from this forum you've met In Real Life : None

26) Explain Your Username : I still don't recall why this typo has stuck

27) Favorite T.V channel : TCM

28) Favorite animated T.V show : As a child, it was a three-way tie with the original Looney Tunes, Tex Avery's MGM work (as well as other MGM works to a slightly lesser extent), and Ed, Edd n' Eddy. As an adult, my top 5 are the original Looney Tunes, MGM, Ed, Edd n' Eddy, King of the Hill, and Archer, with a strong emphasis on the top 3.

29) Fav non-animated T.V show : This will be revealed at a later time, maybe

30) Fav Superman movie : The first

31) Fav Batman movie : Mask of the Phantasm

32) Fav animated movie : The Nightmare Before Christmas

33) Fav non-animated movie : Today, I'll say Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

34) Fav movie genre : I'm down for anything. Really, I'd like to try everything at some point.

35) Fav director : Alfred Hitchcock and Billy Wilder

36) Favorite actor :  :??:

37) Favorite actress : Sissy Spacek, maybe? :??:

38) Fav movie quote :

39) How did you find this forum : Well, you see...

40) Fav section in this forum : I like to find time for all of them!

41) Fav thread : Any of the "Currently _"'s are always important

42) Fav Book : Dracula

43) Fav Author : Lovecraft? Tolstoy? Asimov? :??:

44) Fav book quote :

45) Traveled to : Georgia a bunch, North Carolina twice, DC once. I'm aiming to go to either California or England when I graduate next spring (ideally, both).

46) What is the wildest thing you ever done? I don't remember it

47) Things you like about people : Some things

48) Things you hate about people : People's knees

49) The world is (ugly / ok / wonderful) : Okay

50) I visit this forum (everyday / 2-3 times a week / rarely ) : Every day

51) Fav food : Seafood!

52) Favorite drink : Water

53) Fast Food Restaurant: Well, since I've been working at Zaxby's for about 2 years, I can't really say anything else, huh?

54) The word "Nostalgia" reminds me of : Magic Kingdom, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, pre-KC takeover Nickelodeon, pre-City Era CN, hide and seek, sneaking off "into the woods" (aka past the fence of my friend's backyard), kickball, and Doug Walker.

55) Fav sport : Sports aren't really my thing, but I can feign interest for most of them

56) Favorite sports team : Meh

57) Which sport do you practice : None, really

58) Hottest man alive(or animated, or both) : Bruce Dickinson, Idris Elba

59) Hottest woman alive(or animated, or both) : Demi Lovato, Julianna Margulies, Alison Mosshart

60) Nicknames :

61) Languages : Primarily English

62) I've been working : I've been drinkin'

63) Any records (things you did real fast or things only you can do) : I own plenty of records!

64) Favorite color : Black and gray

65) What is your biggest dream : To be in the film industry, and have some ties to animation

66) Fav quote :

67) Vehicle : 1994 red Honda Accord

68) Pick ONE - (Meat / Chicken / Fish / I'm a veggie) : Meat

69) Favorite season : Part of me wants to say fall, for the sake of Halloween, but it only gets somewhat cold here in certain parts of winter, and I love the cold

70) PINEAPPLE on your Pizza (Disaster / I dont mind / Yummy ) : Good stuff

71) Like to collect anything?(y'know stamps,stones,or whateva) Music, movie, nerdy things that make me happy

72) If you could meet any person in the universe for 4-eyes-meeting, who will you choose and why? I'm still not crazy on this one

73) How do you see yourself 10 years from now?(be serious, say what kind of job youre planning to have, what are you planning to study etc) I just want to be happy

74) If a poor Muggle like you would ever get a chance to wear the Sorting Hat...which house will it choose for you?--NOTE : this is not which house YOU would like to be in, but which one do you think the hat will choose for you (Ravenclaw/Gryffindor/Hufflepuff/Slytherin) : Probably Ravenclaw

1 question I'm sure the girls would like....

75) Snape is (Damn Sexy! / Damn Ugly!) : Why is this still here?

Anyway, RIP Alan Rickman

76) If you could have more Time or more Money, what would you choose ? time for more money

77) Your pic:
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