Any comparison to a certain ejaculation scene in most pornography is purely of your own imagination.

So we’re all across Japan fighting the law and replacing it with our own law. Gamagoori duels with Kobe Beef tanks by utilizing the sheer force of school conduct to bring the dread on these barbarians. Jakuzure beats up turtles while Inumuta helps her realize that spirit animals are a complete and baseless lie. Sanageyama gets jobbed by Hannibal Chau which only makes me sad that Ron Perlman doesn’t usually do anime. It’s pure madness in these districts, and someone out there has clearly lost their way. Also, Mako will do anything for money. Anything, so go and draw that right after you clean your hands, you crazy fan-artists.

Now this is what I would consider the breather episode instead of last week’s. While all the fights were wacky and over the top, I saw it as just more spectacle until Ryuko came back to rescue Senketsu. Maybe I was expecting too much, but sometimes a meat tank doesn’t compare to something like a Ryuko vs Elite Four rematch. With all of the Senketsu-powered Goku uniforms, I was expecting a tougher fight to get them back. Like a moment where Ryuko has trouble fighting one of the guys, and just as they gang up on her, she gets fully enraged and clobbers the lot. They already kind of do that by explaining that Ryuko’s strength is in her heart, but that’s telling rather than showing. Perhaps that’s an odd moment to complain about, but I just expected these fights to have more meat, figuratively rather than literally.

But there’s always something good among a bit of disappointment, like Takarada. I liked how he was a version of Satsuki that dealt purely in money rather than clothing. Instead of getting beaten in a few minutes by Sanageyama, he proved his weight by out-acting the guys from Kobe and Kyoto, as well as establishing himself as another reason for why Satsuki campaigns against these people. He’s a deviant overlord who controls the common men with his personal brand of Disney Dollars. If anything, he’s depicted as the despot that Satsuki’s forces have to vanquish in order to bring balance back to Osaka. Speaking of, I’m laughing at how a guy who dealt solely in money was up against someone with a red fist. It’s so unsubtle as an analogy, yet subtle in terms of execution. Those tiny artistic choices help sculpt characters in ways that sheer bombast can’t.

Now for the trip to conquer the districts, it seems a bit too easy for Satsuki’s forces to overtake these forces. Yeah, you could explain it away with Senketsu patches, but I’m wondering what else is going on behind the scenes. Maybe this fight for control is something Ragyo will use against her daughter. Maybe this quest will lead to a blind spot that Ryuko can use as an advantage. Maybe Mako will die in the crossfire (probably not). In any case, no crusade goes without a loss on both sides. As the old saying goes, it’s blood for blood.

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