Just what the heck is an “Animation Revelation,” anyway?

An animation forum that started small and eventually expanded its horizons into the illustrious world of cartoon reviews and informative/humorous articles.

How often do you update?

Whenever we can. We all have jobs and/or school and none of us make any money off of AR, so we don’t always get the chance to write for it as much as we want to/should. There’s usually at least one or two new posts each week, though. Sometimes more.

So, who writes for you guys?

Foggle, Dr. Insomniac Bloody Marquis, and Lord Dalek comprise the chief writing staff. They produce the most content and know their shit well. Except Foggle. He’s dumb.

Mahou, Cartoon X LumRanmaYasha, ShadowGentleman, Rynnec, RacattackForce, Avaitor, Pharass, Ensatsu-ken, Desensitized Spark Of Spirit, and DaemonCorps occasionally write stuff for the blog as well. (DC also made the logos for the website’s index. +Rep for him!)

Do you accept guest submissions? Can I send you something?

Sure! Just PM one of the aforementioned people on the forum, and they’ll get you set up. You can also email Foggle, if you’d rather.

Where’s my comment? Stop censoring me!

Sorry, we get so many spam posts that we had to turn on comment approval. We’re also kind of lazy. But you’ll see your lovely words on here before too long!

How’d you guys get started?

It was a beautiful day in 2008. July 29, to be exact. It was on this day that a bunch of friends from TV.com and toonzone banded together to create their own animation forum. With blackjack. And hookers. Originally Avaitor’s idea, it has since been under his command with help from Foggle and Ensatsu-ken. Reviews (via Blogger) were first implemented in August 2008, with Features added in July of the following year. Most of the forum posts from the first two years were, unfortunately, lost due to some faulty SQL servers. Since September 2011, AR has had legitimate, paid hosting(!) and a .com domain(!!) to accompany it. In January 2012, we upgraded to hosting that didn’t suck total ass. September 9, 2012 saw the beginning of our Thaumatropy podcast, while day 30 of the following month kicked off our hosting of The Ooo Travel Guide. Later, in August 2013, we merged with the Excel Saga Forum.

…Who the hell is Mr. Horse?

A very disturbed Czech Warmblood with a PhD in interspecies sexual relations. He’s something of a mascot for AR. Mr. Horse occasionally posts on Twitter when he gets extremely horny and sometimes screws around with the website’s layout on April Fools’ Day. He once described his childhood as “similar to My Little Pony, but with more genital mutilation.” It is worth noting that his taste in cartoons is generally considered to be awful.

The Umineko visual novel is so much better than the anime!

That’s not a question.

Have you read it?



It’s good metafiction. I’m not a huge fan, but it is so much better than the anime.

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  1. May I asked why you chose to review a MLP Fanfic to review?

    • The stars were aligned properly; the heavens spoke to me and told me to read and write about a My Little Pony sex fic.

      No, but really, it was spontaneous, nothing more. Our blog needed more content, etc.