Quite a stimulating episode, to say the least.

On this episode, we discuss incest and aliens, but mostly incest. Of course in the big reveal episode, Trigger adds in that scene just to further mess with your mind. No matter what Aikuro said would have taken your mind off of that scene. He could have said that he was Ryuko’s mom and given the full genetic proof, but you people would still be focused on Ragyo feeling up her daughter. Not to undermine anyone or anything, because that’s what was going on in my mind too. It’s Kill la Kill’s way of saying despite all of these revelations, it would like to remind you that you are still watching that kind of show.

But it leads to more theorizing, like why Ragyo’s a bit of a creeper. This isn’t an unexpected scene. We all remember seeing Ragyo grope Satsuki a few episodes back. And while some people will think incest, I think it’s objectification in a more literal sense. Aikuro discussed how life fibers at first went inside living creatures as parasites before realizing this was a failed symbiosis, so I wonder if perhaps Satsuki is a successful case of fusing life fibers with humans. I know. It’s another crackpot theory. But given the aliens, anything’s possible. That could be why she managed to outmatch Gamagoori and Sanageyama with a simple bamboo sword as a kid. That might even be why Junketsu doesn’t talk. Senketsu and Ryuko’s conversations are often built on their differences which eventually lead to similarities. Junketsu wouldn’t need to do this to one of its own. Besides, Professor Matoi specially made Senketsu in order to sync up with Ryuko. I should expect at least a bit of tinkering on Ragyo’s part to make sure the same happens for her daughter. It also lines up with the “Harime’s a living doll” theory when she said they weren’t so different. By covering the schools with her brand of justice, she covers them just like clothing on an ape. I know more than half of this will get debunked by next week at the very least, but it’s always fun to see the one point out of a hundred that matches up. It’s just like those people guessing how Sherlock survived.

Going off from that, let’s talk about the aliens. It’s out-of-nowhere, inexplicable, stupid, yet about as good a reason as anything to explain away Life Fibers. Once you get to sentient clothing that sounds like Momotaros from Den-O, aliens doesn’t sound so far off by comparison. For Kill la Kill fans, when does the premise stretch so thin that people start thinking it’s getting stupid? If aliens don’t activate the tipping point, then what will? But again, things always vary. I remember how a single frame of Shinjiro got people more riled up than any of this. You just have to see how these moments react to each other before estimating a decent prediction, I guess.

And at the very least, this slightly strengthens the theory that it’s a Gurren Lagann spin-off, and Life Fibers are actually a variant of Spiral energy. And Hououmaru could actually be Amarao’s agent from FLCL. And maybe Ragyo’s actually using the Life Fibers to protect us from the Anti-Spirals, who Aikuro’s secretly working for. All I know is that this article is starting to sound like the outline for a fanfic.

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